ORICO 36W 3 Port Car Charger with 2 Cigarette Lighter (MP-3U2S)

Figure/Toys Specifications
Specifications ABS
Input DC 12V
Output 5V2.4A Per Port
Port 2 Cigarette Lighter, 3 USB Charging Ports
Rated Power 5V7.2A 36W
Sort Power Cup
Ex Tax: RM69.00

3 charging ports + 2 cigarette lighters
Meet more people's needs

ORICO MP-3U2S adopts cup design, simple and practical, which has 3 USB that will meet more needs, such as fast charging needs of driver, codriver and rear seat. What's more, it also has 2 cigarette lighters ( 12V ), which supports digital products' expansion while meeting your lighting needs.
3 charging ports + 2 cigarette lighters

Intelligent detection IC
Fast charge without damage

Built in smart charging detection IC, MP-3U2S can match appropriate current to meet the demands of different devices. Moreover, each port max output is up to 5V2.4A, fast charging some devices without damage, such as power bank, phone, tablet, bluetooth bracelet.
the car charger adopts intelligent detection IC

Intelligent anti-high temperature
Longer lifespan can be used

It adopts fireproof and environmentally friendly materials, which can intelligently adjust temperature, effectively protect devices and prolong the use of life.
the cigarette lighter is Intelligent anti-high temperature

Multiple protection
Security accompanies with you all the way

Advanced micro-processing chip, more stable and safer, you needn't worry about the cigarette lighter risks. Beyond that, built-in multi protection safety system ensures complete protection from electrical short circuit, over heat, over voltage, over charging, over current and etc. High quality shrapnel buckle, reliable, more resilient, easy to deal with a variety of driving conditions.
Multiple protection

1M extended cable
Extend to anywhere you want to reach

1M cable can be extended to the rear of the car, your family are able to enjoy charging at any time. Not just that, its LED indicator reminds you at all times.
the car charger is enclosed with 1M extended cable

Broad compatibility
The cradle of device charging

Not only widely compatible with a variety of digital devices, but also suitable for all kinds of cars. You never feel upset to this problem of device matching.
Broad compatibility
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