ORICO 2.5 inch Hard Drive Protection Bag (PHL-25)

Figure/Toys Specifications
Specifications Synthetic (PU + EVA + Sponge)
Compatible Devices 2.5 inch Hard Drive, MP3, MP4, Card Reader, Cables, Cards etc
Function Storage
Ex Tax: RM13.00

Digital storage, more and more indispensable

Digital gadget is everywhere, which we carry and use at any moment. What's more, tender digital products can not be invaded from aqueous vapor or dust, especially for hard drives. Then a digital storage bag will be your indispensable accessory.
protection bag, digital storage, more and more indispensable

External protection
Waterproof, dustproof, moistureproof

Made of excellent waterproof, dustproof and moistureproof neoprene, this storage bag keeps undistorted and not worn for long-term use, protecting your objects better. PU artificial leather provides further protection besides fashionable water cube style.
2.5 inch hard drive protection bag, external protection

Soft inside
Thoughtful shock protection

Lining material is high density nylon, delicate and soft, plus thick shockproof sponge, effectively protecting your gadgets for a long time. Double zipper opening for easy access.
the hard drive storage bag is made of high density nylon, delicate and soft

Small dimension, large capacity

Thanks to its reasonable interior design, the storage bag is capable of holding a 2.5 inch hard drive no shaking or slipping with the elastic belt. Beyond that, data cable, headphone or U-disk all can be placed inside, making full use of space.
Small dimension, large capacity

Good partner while travelling

ORICO storage bag is your ideal digital accessory for management whether on business or on a trip.
ORICO hard drive storage bag is your ideal digital accessory for management

Innovative use, ordered life

ORICO storage bag is not only for digital gadget but for small items or cosmetics. We focus on leading a ordered and wonderful attitude towards life besides advocating scientific storage.
Innovative use, ordered life
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